Not sure how to get to the March for a Clean Energy Revolution? Use this page to help yourself discover the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to get yourself to Philadelphia. You can search for a bus near you, navigate different forms of public transportation, or sign up to host a carpool or bus yourself here on this page.

Note: If you plan to attend the Summit in Philly on the day before the march, do not sign up for a bus below. Once you sign up for the summit, you’ll be able to get help setting up or joining a carpool to get to the summit on Saturday.

Interested in hosting a carpool or bus?

Email and include: your name, phone number, whether you want to host a carpool or bus, and the city you would be leaving from. We'll follow up with you soon!

Don't forget about Housing!

You can also utilize the following transportation systems in your journey to and from the March for a Clean Energy Revolution!


Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) runs multiple different forms of transportation all throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, and luckily for attendees of the march, through Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Trolleys, rails, and subways are all included in the SEPTA network. Visit the SEPTA website to discover what rides work for you! Click here for a clickable Regional Rail & Rail Transit map.


NJ Transit (NJT) is a public transportation system serving the state of New Jersey. It also runs along and into different counties in New York, and Philadelphia County here in Pennsylvania. They operate buses, light rails, and commuter rails throughout their network. If you’re coming from areas contained within this network, or if you aren’t sure and need to discover whether or not you are within their network, you can visit their website. You can use their trip planner as well to make your schedule, plans, and reservations for the march.


The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak, operates railroads all throughout the contiguous United States, and some parts of Canada. Nearly any length of travel – long, short, decently sized: all of it – can be accessible through Amtrak, depending on your location. You can visit their website home here. Check out features, baggage, parking, accessibility, hours, and lines to 30th Street Station (PHL), the station located nearest the March for a Clean Energy Revolution! Getting off here, riders can get on SEPTA’s regional rail into Center City Philadelphia for free (check out the clickable map above!).