Summit for a Clean Energy Revolution

The Summit for a Clean Energy Revolution is a gathering of people working to ban fracking, keep fossil fuels in the ground, stop dirty energy infrastructure and justly transition to 100% renewable energy. Join us on Saturday, July 23 at the Friends Center at 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.

The day will have a mix of educational workshops, organizing skills trainings, and strategy development sessions. You’ll acquire new skills and strategies to take back to your local campaigns and to meet people working on similar efforts in their communities across the country.

Sign up for the Summit for free (meals may be purchased when you register). You can also sign up for housing for the event if needed. If you are under 25, please register for Powershift, also on July 23.

Agenda for the Summit for a Clean Energy Revolution

8:30 – 9:30 — Registration

9:30- 9:45 — Opening (Race St. Room)

  • Chief Perry, Ramapough Lunaape Nation

9:45 – 10:45 — Opening Plenary: The Case for a Clean Energy Revolution (Race St. Room)

  • Terry Williams, President, Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition
  • Ashley McCray, Absentee Shawnee Tribe-Oglala Lakota Nation
  • Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth & Pennsylvanians Against Fracking
  • Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch & Americans Against Fracking
  • Julia Walsh, Frack Action & Americans Against Fracking

11:00 – 12:15 — Break-Out Session 1

*Skills Training – Frontline Voices Telling the Story – Oil and Gas Extraction, Frac Sand and Uranium Mining (Race St. Room)

  • Shane Davis, Stop the Frack Attack Advisory Board,, Colorado
  • Briget Shields – Friends of the Harmed, Pennsylvania
  • Robert Nehman, Allamakee County Protectors, Stop the Frack Attack Advisory Board, Iowa
  • Leona Morgan – Diné No Nukes, New Mexico

*Skills Training – How to Organize a Strategic Campaign (Rufus Jones)

  • David Hunt, Food & Water Watch
  • Liz Butler, Stop the Frack Attack
  • Madeline Stano, Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment

*In Depth Session – Faith’s Role in the Clean Energy Revolution (Cherry St. Room)

  • Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Director, Social Justice Organizing Program, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
  • Reverend Gregory Holston, OIC of America and POWER
  • Reverend Alison Cornish, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light
  • Eileen Flanagan, Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT)

* In Depth Issue: Role of Direct Action in Campaigns (Room 136)

  • Robby Diesu, Stop the Frack Attack
  • Nick Katkevich, FANG, Rhode Island
  • Cindy Spoon, Frack Free Denton, Texas
  • Colleen Boland, We are Seneca Lake, New York

*In Depth Session – Legal Strategies and Eminent Domain (MLK Room)

  • Maya Van Rossum, Delaware Riverkeeper Network
  • Jordan Yeager, Curtin & Heefner LLP

*Marshal Training Session

12:15- 1:00 — Lunch (Cherry St. Room)

1:00 – 2:00 — Plenary: Climate and the Clean Power Plan – the Nexus (Race St. Room)

  • Karen Feridun and Tracy Carluccio, Pennsylvanians Against Fracking, Why the Clean Power Plan is Not Clean
  • Dr. Robert Howarth, David R. Atkinson Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology, Cornell University, “UN COP21 Agreement is a Game Changer: No Role for Shale Gas”
  • Arjun Makhijani, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

2:15 – 3:30 — Break-Out Session 2

* In Depth Session – Transition – Clean Power Plan (Rufus Jones Room)

  • Robert Howarth, Methane and Climate
  • Don Brown, Widener University Commonwealth Law School, “The Enormous Damage to the World Caused by the Climate Disinformation Campaign”
  • Tim Judson, NIRS, Incentivizing Nuclear

*In Depth Issue – Peace and Climate Justice (Cherry St. Room)

  • Ed Aguilar, Coalition for Peace Action Pennsylvania Director
  • Medea Benjamin, Code Pink
  • Dr. Poune Saberi, Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Jim Anderson, Peace Action New York State
  • Mark Lichty, Producer, Groundswell Rising
  • Alesha Vega, Coalition for Peace Action

* In Depth Issue – Health Effects of Dirty Energy (MLK Room)

  • Sandra Steingraber, Concerned Health Professionals of New York
  • Karuna Jaggar, Breast Cancer Action
  • Diane D’Arrigo, NIRS

* Skills Training – Frontline Voices Telling their Story – Transport, Processing & End Use (Race St. Room)

  • Helen Baker, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
  • Vera Scroggins, Susquehannah County, Pennsylvania
  • Sherrie Andre, Fighting Against Natural Gas, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Kevin Poole, NE Greys Ferry Neighborhood Association, Philadelphia
  • Alicia Rivera, Communities for a Better Environment, California

*Skills Training – Working with the Media (Room 136)

  • Julia Walsh, Frack Action, Americans Against Fracking
  • Drew Hudson, Environmental Action

3:45 – 5:00 — Break-Out Session 3

*Issue In-Depth – A visionary ambitious transition plan (Rufus Jones)

  • Patricia DeMarco, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Arjun Makhijani, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
  • Russell Greene, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Micah Gold-Markel, Solar States, Philadelphia

*Issue in Depth – TPP and Energy (Room 136)

  • Patrick Woodall, Food & Water Watch
  • Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth
  • Anthony Torres, Sustain Us

*In Depth Session – Environmental Justice for All (Cherry St. Room)

  • Anthony Wright Rogers, Environmental Action
  • Joanne Graham, Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition, Philadelphia
  • Angelica Romero, South Central Youth Leadership Coalition, Los Angeles
  • Valerie Jean, Detroit

*In Depth Session – Indigenous Leaders Protect Our Public Lands Caravan to Philladelphia (Race St. Room)

Caravan Participants:

  • Ava Hamilton, Native Producers Film Alliance, Boulder, Colorado
  • Paulette Blanchard, Absentee Shawnee, Norman, Oklahoma
  • Ashley McCray, Absentee Shawnee-Lakota, Norman, Oklahoma
  • Alecia Onzawah, Absentee Shawnee and Kickapoo, Norman, OK
  • Jake Toledo, Navajo, Norman, OK
  • Krystal Two Bulls, Voices of the Sacred, Albuquerque, NM
  • Sheldon Tenorio, Voices of the Sacred, Albuquerque, NM
  • Kendra Pinto, Indigenous Community Member, Twin Pines, NM
  • Glenn Begay, Navajo Elder, Cornfields, AZ
  • Salina Begay, Navajo Elder,  Cornfields, AZ
  • John Benally, Navajo Elder, Big Mountain, AZ
  • Elouise Brown Navajo, DOODA, Chaco Rio, NM
  • Jacey Brown (11years old), Navajo, Chaco Rio, NM
  • Alfred Bennett, Navajo Elder, AZ
  • Sam Sala Jr., Navajo, Cuba, NM
  • Margaret Montano, Elder, NM Voices of the Sacred

*In Depth Issue – Frackopoly (MLK Room)

  • Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch
  • Sandy Navarro, Esperanza Community Housing Corporation
  • Ray Kemble, Dimock, Pennsylvania

5:15 – 6:15 — Closing Plenary: Next Steps in the Clean Energy Revolution

  • Kevin Poole, NE Greys Ferry Neighborhood Association, Philadelphia
  • John Fenton, Stop the Frack Attack, Owner of Fenton Energy
  • Joe Uehlein, Labor Network for Sustainability
  • Sandra Steingraber, Concerned Health Professionals of New York & Americans Against Fracking
  • David Braun, Rootskeeper & Americans Against Fracking

6:15 – 6:30 — Closing

  • Tracy Carluccio, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Green Justice Philly & Pennsylvanians Against Fracking