Peace and Climate Justice

We call on our current and future national leaders to take us off the path of Climate Warming which ultimately leads to Climate Wars and Climate Refugees nationally and abroad, by Banning Fracking Now, Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground, Stopping Dirty Energy (including Nuclear Power), and Justly Transitioning to 100% Renewable Energy.

By way of the March for a Clean Energy Revolution in July of 2016, the Peace and Climate Justice contingent demands that the US, the UN, and the world powers take the following actions:

1. Slash the Pentagon and world military budgets.
2. Strong Aid to Climate Refugees.
3. Fund Green Energy, targeting 100% Clean by 2030.

“With these actions the Peace and Climate Justice contingent seeks to prevent Climate Crises such as droughts, famine, and floods, which culminate in dirty wars, displacing millions of people causing refugee crises and climate injustice in disproportionate amounts to already disenfranchised peoples.”