The Best of — A Top 10 List

By: Karen Feridun

CER Profile PicI’m the founder of Berks Gas Truth, a grassroots community organization in Pennsylvania fighting fracking and all extreme fossil fuel development and infrastructure in our state. I’m thrilled to be helping organize the March for a Clean Energy Revolution!

We have lots of important information about the march on our website that you should check out. But in the meantime, I present a “Top 10” list of important features and highlights from the website that you won’t want to miss:

  • Sign up to attend! Go to the homepage of the website and click on the large red button that says Join the Clean Energy Revolution. It’s that simple! Or if you prefer, you can text the word REVOLUTION to 69866. Again, text the word REVOLUTION to 69866.
  • If you’re the leader of an organization that has not yet endorsed the march, you can click on Get Involved on the menu, and then Organizations to sign on as an endorser. You can find the full list of endorsing organizations in the About If you’re a member of an organization and you don’t see it listed, ask your organization to sign on!
  • Check out the Summits page. You heard about Powershift from Lydia a bit earlier. You’ll find the link to register for Powershift there, as well as a link to register for the Summit for a Clean Energy Revolution we’re organizing for July 23 rd . We’re lining up amazing speakers for our plenaries and breakouts, all designed to provide you with the latest information and best tips and tools to help you when you return home to your local fights.
  • Whether you’re coming for the day or for the weekend, you’ll be able to search for transportation, transit, and housing options on our Travel On the first page, you’ll see a rides map (if you don’t see the map right away, refresh your browser). Right now, we’ve got several buses listed on the map, so you can start reserving your seats if you find a bus in your area. Eventually, you’ll be able to find even more buses, carpools, and rideshares on the map. Keep in mind the dates you’re planning to be in Philly when choosing a ride. The buses are all scheduled to make the roundtrip on the 24th.
  • If you’re planning on coming early for the Summit or staying for any actions that may be planned during the DNC, you’ll need to find housing. Philadelphia hotel rooms are filling up fast thanks to the convention and all the press heading to town to cover it. It is definitely not too early to reserve hotel rooms. If you scroll down on the main travel page, you’ll see links to regional transit information. Hotels just outside of the city may be much less expensive and more available, so you can use the transit maps to help you identify public transportation stops and look for hotels near them. We’re also arranging some free or very inexpensive accommodations in and around Philadelphia – anything from space on the floor of a house of worship, to campgrounds, to dormitory spaces, to beds in private homes. Check the main travel page for a link to a new Housing page as soon as it becomes available.
  • Join a contingent! You’ve heard from some of the leaders of contingents that have already formed on this call. Click on Contingents under the About page to learn more about the contingents as they’re added and to connect with the organizers! In addition to the Faith and Pipeline contingents you heard about, there are health, student, and Pennsylvania contingents already forming and more to come!
  • So far, you’ve found out how you can sign up for the march, travel options, and contingents, but we need your help in making this a truly historic march! We’re counting on all of you to help spread the word about the march and recruit your friends to attend! Under the Get Involved menu option, you’ll see a page of Outreach Tools! You’ll find downloadable fliers and posters there, as well as a petition you can circulate, and an 8.5” x 11” poster you can print and use to take a selfie. Making your selfie your profile picture on social media with a link to the website in the description is one easy way to let people know about the march! You can also share it with us for an album we’re putting together on Facebook! Send your photos to
  • Hosting a local screening or potluck is a great way to tell people about the march and get them signed up! We can provide you with the information you need to host an event and may even be able to send a guest speaker. Email us at to let us know the details of the events you’re planning so we can add them to the Calendar page of the website. And be sure to let us know what kind of assistance you need to make your event a success!
  • Organize a bus, van or carpool! The best way to get people to the march is to provide easy transportation options! If you don’t see a bus from your area on the map on the Travel page, please consider organizing one yourself! If you’ve never organized transportation before, we’re here to help you! Under the map, you’ll find an email address for one of our organizers who can help you get started!
  • Want to get even more involved? Consider forming a contingent if the one you’d want to march in isn’t listed. We’ve also got committees working to plan everything from logistics to art to social media to transportation! Email to let us know how you’d like to participate!

That was a lot of information, I know. As long as you remember and our email address,, you’ll be able to find everything I just mentioned or get help finding it!

We have a unique opportunity to take our message to a national audience. We need to speak with the largest collective voice possible and we need yours to be a part of it. See you in Philadelphia!

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