AIM + Indian Point = Go to Philadelphia!

By Tim Judson, Executive Director of Nuclear Information and Resource Service and Co-Founder, Alliance for a Green Economy.


timjWhy should New Yorkers go to Philadelphia to stand up for clean energy? One simple reason: we can’t win the fight for a Clean Energy Revolution one state at a time. We’ve won incredible victories in New York, from the fracking ban to stopping the Port Ambrose LNG terminal and the Constitution Pipeline – and now the news that offshore wind is getting off the ground!

And our victories have inspired people across the country, helping build the movement and win battles in other states. But the problem is, we are going to have to keep fighting them over and over, as long as the bad ideas and dirty energy keep flowing. That is why we have to take our fights in New York to the streets of Philadelphia on Sunday. People in other states don’t stand a chance without us, and New York can’t stop it all on our own, either.

In fact, nowhere is the insanity of national energy policy more dangerous than in New York, where Spectra is building the AIM pipeline next to the Indian Point nuclear power plant, just 25 miles north of New York City. Federal agencies are allowing the pipeline to be built despite the risk of a pipeline explosion and nuclear meltdowns endangering 20 million people in the 50-mile radius.

And now, even Governor Cuomo wants to declare nuclear power a “bridge” to clean energy and impose a $7.6 billion nuclear tax on New Yorkers to bail the industry out. The last time dirty energy was labeled a bridge to clean energy, we ended up with fracking and more natural gas than anything else, jumping from the frying pan into the fire. There is no dirty energy “bridge” to clean energy – the only bridge to clean energy is clean energy, and the $7.6 billion nuclear tax would steal money that could and should go to solar, wind, energy efficiency to replace nuclear power AND fossil fuels.

But Governor Cuomo didn’t come up with these ideas on his own. The same dirty energy companies pushing for the nuclear bailout here have been trying to get other states to do the same thing in other states, from Illinois to Connecticut. And our federal government still would rather risk a nuclear disaster than say no to a gas pipeline. Whoever our next president is – and Congress members and state legislators – they need to know that’s not going to work anymore.

I hope you will join us in Philadelphia on Sunday, along with activists from across the country, as we raise our voices together and show our elected officials: the Clean Energy Revolution is here, and we are going to hold them to it.


In solidarity,

Tim Judson


One comment on “AIM + Indian Point = Go to Philadelphia!

  1. This is WONDERFUL, TIM!
    Great article!
    As many people as possible need to show up Sun day!

    In addition, you can submit comments to the Public Service Commission (PSC), the
    Department of Public Service (DPS) regarding this proposal for the Clean Energy Standard
    (CES) that the upstate nuclear power plants be included in the CES:

    website: email: phone: (518) 474-7080

    Keeping the aging, failing upstate nuclear power plants operating with our tax dollars –
    a subsidy of $7.6 billion dollars – means that money is NOT going to develop and install
    actual clean energy like solar, wind, geothermal. These plants are becoming increasingly more dangerous as equipment fails and safety standards decline.

    This decision should not be made until a
    1. cost/benefit analysis of spending $7 billion to subsidize nuclear vs. increasing support for solar, wind and geothermal is made;

    2. Job creation analysis of spending #7. billion for subsidizing nuclear energy vs. increasing support for solar, wind, geothermal is completed;

    3. increased health costs of subsidizing nuclear energy, specifically childhood leukemia and cancers, thyroid cancer and illness is studied;

    4. a correction is made in the factually incorrect premise that nuclear energy production is “emission-free” or “zero-emission – it is not. Nuclear energy production routinely emits thermal pollution and radioactivity to the air, land, and water including radioactive isotopes such as tritium, cesium strontium and carbon-14. These substances cannot be filtered out of our water and are cumulative within our bodies and the environment. Nuclear is anything but clean;

    5. nuclear waste remains toxic for a million years. Although Hardened On Site Storage (HOSS) is deemed the safest, there is no completely safe way to dispose of or store nuclear waste.
    One of the best things we can do for our children and future generations is to stop making nuclear waste;

    6. a study is made of the financial burden this decision would place on each New York State County, Town, Village, School District, family and individual;

    7. the recognition that this proposal contradicts the EPA Clean Energy guidelines that excludes nuclear energy as a sustainable or renewable energy source.

    These are but a few of the many reasons to reject this proposal. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!
    The deadline for comment is Friday, July 22nd.

    And, if you are one to submit comment, get on the www. beyond website to
    learn what the Department of Energy (DOE) – Federal – Office of Nuclear is planning for “Consent-Based Siting” of nuclear waste – asking communities to go through a process of deciding if they would like to store nuclear waste, Nuclear waste would then be trans ported from the point of production to the point of storage by rail, truck and/or barge. You can also contact
    Submit your comments: include Consent-Based Siting in the subject line
    Deadline is July 31st, 2016.

    Thank you on behalf of all of us for your immediate response to this urgent matter.
    Respectfully and in PEACE, Catherine Skopic

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