InFRACKstructure = Injustice

A proliferation of Fracked Gas and Fossil Fuel Pipelines, Compressor Stations, LNG Exports Terminals, Oil Trains, Refineries, and Gas Power Plants is exploding through our nation.

Literally & Figuratively

On July 24, join with impacted people from across the nation to say “No More!”
No more Fracked Gas and Fossil Fuel InFRACKstructure

Across the nation, too many communities are being subjected to the harms and heavy bootprints of this new and expanding inFRACKstructure. Pipelines, compressors, oil trains, fracked gas power plants, and more are recklessly imposed on our friends, families, and our environment so fossil fuel companies can increase their profits.

As a result:

  • People are being stripped of their health, property rights, property values, and the quality of their lives. Eminent domain has become a tool for the fossil fuel corporations to stage war on homeowners; FERC has become a vehicle to evade environmental protections; industry lobbying groups have become the mouthpiece being used to drown out legitimate concerns.
  • Businesses are losing vital elements they need to operate – beautiful viewscapes to attract visitors, healthy farmland to sustain crops, maple trees for syrup, and the full ability to use business property to fulfill business needs are being trumped by inFRACKstructure desires.
  • Communities are losing their clean air, water, public parks, healthy forests, and irreplaceable wetlands.
  • States and municipalities are being stripped of their legal authority to say NO to the inFRACKstructure that is polluting their water and air, damaging their natural resources, and harming local economies.

Current climate science is clearly telling us that if we are to protect present and future generations from the devastation of climate instability we need to leave our fossil fuels in the ground and transition quickly to clean and renewable energy. Governments, including our own, acknowledged and committed to a better energy path at the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015 and yet, here at home, dirty fossil fuels continue to rule.

Despite knowing the drastic implications of climate disruption, dirty fossil fuel companies continue to exploit our communities and environment with unabashed government support knowing full well that in the not too distant future, when all the fracked gas and oil is gone, the just-built inFRACKstructure will become a stranded asset that will inevitably require public bailout.

We must begin to manage the decline of dirty fossil fuels today, rather than continuing to invest in their extraction and inFRACKstructure. We must invest instead in advancing energy efficiency, conservation, and clean energy creation today.

Every state in our nation could be supported by totally sustainable energy options by 2050[1], we just need the political will.

Investment in clean energy not only protects our communities and environments, but it generates a greater number of long term jobs that bring greater capacity for worker learning and advancement. For every $1 million dollars invested in clean energy rather than dirty fossil fuels, 6 to 8 times the number of direct jobs, and 3 times the number of indirect jobs are generated.[2]

Fossil fuels are not a bridge, they are a plank. All the way around – jobs, economics, environment, health, property values, quality of life, climate change, and honoring our obligation to future generations – continued investments in fracked gas pipelines and inFRACKstructure is a fool’s errand.

Our environment, our economy, and our health all deserve the rapid shift to clean, renewable energy. Wind, solar, and other clean energy can create more jobs and save our suffering planet from this dirty inFRACKstructure.

Stand With Us on July 24th as Part of the inFRACKstructure Opposition
At the March For a Clean Energy Revolution
To Say ….

No More!
No More InFRACKstructure

Join with us to say …

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See for example:


[2] The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy, by the Center for American Progress & PERI Univ of Mass Amherst.



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