The movement for a clean energy revolution is diverse and growing. Contingents are spaces for people to organize around specific issues, campaigns, or identities that exist within our movement. Contingents will march together on July 24th, and continue organizing and collaborating together beyond that!

Elder Contingent

We stand as Elders – as elders have always done for their communities – for all children and for those who are waiting to be born in the ages to come. For their sake we March for a Clean Energy Revolution so that there will be for them, as there was for us, blue sky, fruitful land, clear waters, and a thriving and just world for all. We invite all who wish to stand for, and march for, future generations to join us.”  – Lynne Iser of Elder Activists

To get involved, contact Lynne Iser at, or Hazel Chandler at


Faith Contingent

“People of faith need to provide the moral leadership and spiritual consciousness in moving the world to a just transition to safe and renewable energy.  The most vulnerable beings and places in our world need us to remind everyone that we are all related- the people, the animals, the plants, the water, the earth.” – Rabbi Mordechai Liebling

To get involved, fill out the form on our Call to Faith Communities page, join their Facebook Group, or contact Pat Almonrode at


Indigenous Contingent

“We have chosen to march now because the hour is critical. The endless and destructive extraction from our Grandmother Earth has brought us to the precipice of no tomorrow. We hope this event will result in an awakening, whereby each and every human concerned with the Earth and future generations will stand together as “One Voice”, accumulating the collective strength of millions behind the Clean Energy Revolution.” Chief Dwayne Perry, Ramapough Lunaape Nation

To get involved, contact Chief Perry at


InFRACKstructure Contingent

“Across the nation communities are being subjected to the harms and heavy bootprints of inFRACKstructure. Pipelines, compressors, oil trains, fracked gas power plants, and more are recklessly imposed on our friends, families, and our environment so fossil fuel companies can increase their profits. Stand with us on July 24th as part of the contingent that delivers the message: No More InFRACKstructure!” – Tom Denny, Harriett Shugarman & Geoff Richter 

For more information, visit our inFRACKstructure page.

To get involved, contact Maya Van Rossum at


Health Contingent

“Everyone concerned about growing rates of disease and health disorders knows that we all deserve the right to live, work, and play in an environment that does not expose us to harmful chemicals. We need systemic solutions that protect all of us, including communities that are most affected, many of which are disproportionately low-income communities of color. We will not rest until public health comes before corporate profit.” – Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action

To get involved, contact Alyssa Figueroa at, or sign on here!


Labor Contingent

“The clean energy transition train left the station a decade ago, and it is time for those of us in the labor movement to rise to the challenge and become a central player in the movement to build a sustainable future for the planet and its people – not only for the survival and well-being of all, but also for organized labor’s own self-interest. We in labor need to develop our own, worker-friendly plan to protect the climate. We in labor need to get busy with strategies to make clean energy jobs union jobs, and part of that is working hard to make them real. That’s our job.” Joe Uehlein, Labor Network for Sustainability 

To get involved, contact Jon Forster


Nuclear Free/Carbon Free Contingent

“We are marching for a Clean Energy Revolution–for a Nuclear-Free AND Carbon-Free world! We cannot solve the climate crisis with false solutions, and nuclear power is simply too expensive and too slow to play any meaningful role in reducing greenhouse gases. But it isn’t “clean” either. Nuclear power is dirty, from start to finish. From uranium extraction and the poisoning of First Nations and communities of color, to nuclear waste that will be dangerous for a million years, it produces mountains of radioactive and toxic waste for which there are no solutions. And every day reactors operate we risk unimaginable catastrophes like the Fukushima meltdowns, that make whole regions permanently uninhabitable. The Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent is marching because there is no choice between a world with nuclear power and one with fossil fuel extraction and catastrophic climate change. And we don’t need to make that false choice. The clean energy solutions to climate and nuclear are the same, and they are here now.” – Tim Judson, Nuclear Information and Resource Service

For more information, contact Tim Judson at


Renewable Solutions Contingent

“Here in New York we banned fracking in order to protect public health, water, air, and to combat climate change. The critical next step for a sustainable and healthy future is powering our country with 100% renewable energy. With solar, wind, geothermal, energy efficiency and more, we have the means and in doing so we can also create a strong economy and millions of safe, good jobs. We march on July 24th with communities, organizations, businesses, and people from all walks of life, who are part of the renewable energy movement. Together we can transition to 100% renewable energy and a better future.” – Renee Vogelsang, Campaign Coordinator, New Yorkers for Clean Power

To get involved, contact Lena Smith at

Pennsylvania Contingent

The Pennsylvania Contingent meets bi-weekly via conference call. More information can be found on our Calendar.

To get involved, contact Karen Feridun at


Philadelphia’s Right to Breathe Contingent 

“Here in Philadelphia, we are declaring our Right to Breathe in our communities – breathe in all parts of the city despite race or class. We are standing up against a proposal to expand oil and gas, which would mean more air pollution, more oil bomb trains, and taxpayer-funded handouts to the oil cartel when Philly already has a childhood asthma rate twice the national average. Philadelphia needs good-paying jobs for working people, not poisoning industry expansion for the 1% – that’s why we’re joining the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. We’re calling on DNC hosts Governor Wolf and Major Kenney to reject the proposed Philadelphia Energy Solutions expansion and focus on alternative proposals that will produce thousands more jobs for Philadelphians.” -Maxine McCleary, ACTION United


Student Contingent

Students have been at the forefront of all successful social movements in the United States. I’m joining with student leaders from around the country to march for a clean energy revolution because the message about the future of our world must come from us. Let’s mobilize, and make the powerful change we want to see in the world.”
– Jeremy R. Griffin, Student Leader, Kutztown University

To get involved, contact Mariah at


Stop the TPP Contingent

“If the TPP is ratified this fall, it will supersede the Paris Climate Treaty and prevent us from taking the actions we need to transition rapidly to the clean energy economy by giving corporations power over our laws and our courts. The TPP makes profit more important than human health and safety and protection of the planet. We are rising together to call for a new model of trade that respects the planet and all life.”
– Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese of

To get involved, visit the contingent’s Facebook Page, or contact


Peace and Climate Justice Contingent

“Climate change is sowing the seeds of global unrest and instability by creating droughts, floods, and famine. These problems disproportionately impact already disenfranchised people and lead to conflict, refuge crisis, and further injustice as these struggling communities work to achieve basic subsistence. Without climate justice, we will never have peace.” – Alesha Vega, Coalition for Peace Action

To get involved, contact Alesha Vega at 609-924-5022, or Ed Aguilar, Pennsylvania Director, CFPA, Philadelphia, 215-480-7744,

Or visit our Peace and Climate Justice Page.


Solutions Brigade of South Jersey

Join the Solutions Brigade of South JerseyAs part of the march’s Solution Contingent, this group of South Jersey residents and organizations will show their NJ pride with a great regional turnout and visual displays highlighting renewable energy solutions. The group will construct art together (signs, banners, suns, windmills, etc), travel together on PATCO the day of, and march together on July 24th. We need you! Please help this march serve as a demonstration of the renewable energy solutions available now, and demand change from our elected officials fast, by joining this brigade! 

JOIN NOW! Simply fill out this form, and you’ll be contacted by a lead volunteer of the Solutions Brigade of South Jersey shortly. 

You can also connect with them on the Solutions Brigade Facebook group and/or RSVP for the Art-Build event on July 17th using this Art-Build Facebook event.

Showing Up for Racial Justice Contingent

“Join Philly SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) as we march for racial justice and environmental justice at the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. As indigenous and people of color communities and nations are disproportionately affected by climate change, join together with other white people to make racial justice central to the movement for clean energy and a healthy world for all.”

Meet up with us at 11:30 a few blocks away, exact location TBD, and we will line up with the Philadelphia contingent.Sign up here:


Bicycle Contingent

“Bicyclists are important constituents in the fight for a clean energy revolution! It’s time that we take climate change seriously. We are already taking responsibility by using clean energy for transportation (our legs!) and we need clean air to power our bodies. Let’s show our government that we want to be counted in the fight for clean energy.” 

Let’s meet at City Hall on July 24th to ride our bikes [or just carry our bike seats?] with the loudest bells we can find!

Contact Tanya at for more information.

GMO Free PA Contingent

“Join us on Sunday, July 24, 12 noon at Philadelphia City Hall plaza, as we march for labeling GMOs and for a susutainable agricultural production system. We will be part of a massive rally and march demanding meaningful action to reverse climate change by switching to renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. Right now, our GMO and chemical-input agriculture production system contributes 40% of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Long term scientific studies demonstrate that switching to organic and sustainable agriculture sequesters (holds) so much carbon in the soil that it has the potential to reverse climate change. Look for the GMO Free PA banner.”  – Karen Stark

To get involved, contact


Yoga Contingent

“Yoga practices are powerful tools for renewing our own personal energy and for experiencing our connection to others, to the earth, to all life, and to the Universal Spirit. Now we have the opportunity to come together and focus our intention on creating renewable energy for the entire planet in just and sustainable ways for everyone. Calling yoga teachers, students, practitioners, lovers of yoga, as well as musicians (to merge sound energy with the physical yoga), to join Yoga for the Earth at the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. Together we will practice sun salutes for solar power, wind warriors for wind energy, and create a whole forest of yogic tree poses to highlight our deep connection to the earth, to air, and to clean water and soil. These colorful, embodied tableaux will inspire one and all and represent our absolute unity with each other and the earth.” – Kelly Morris, Yoga for the Earth

To get involved, and for updated information, visit the Yoga Contingent: March for a Clean Energy Revolution Facebook Page, or email Kelly Morris at or Christina L. Kaplan, our representative on site in Philadelphia at